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you be my Romeo..
&ill be your Juliet☆
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2nd-Jan-2012 11:40 pm - Friends Only !

heyy there :] i love music and love♥. im friendly and funny. get to know me, you wont regret it :D


29th-Aug-2008 11:27 am - this is so cute <33

This chain letter is real so follow the instructions and something good will happen!!



Sorry, but this chain letter is for real. When Anne Wichert got it for the first time, she ignored it and a week later the love of her life dumped her for no good reason so BEWARE , and just send the stupid letter!!!!!!


lovers of the heart <3Collapse )


12th-Feb-2008 09:48 pm - Ruki-bear fanart*

tomorrow is only a delayed opening at school. T^T pooey. i hope it changes to the whole day off. its ice outside! yeesh. 

so. i love this picture of ruki so i had to draw it! 
humm.. it lacks major detail, so it looks really bad 
i just focused on the lips. and the eyes. since theyre so outstanding to me.
haha. errr~ good night, dears<3


5th-Jan-2008 01:04 pm - PON<3

happy new year honeys! *late*
though, i have wanted to scan this for FOREVER. i did today, since i had no work.. AH. pooey.
this was probably at my aunts house; the adults are always playing majong and 'smaller' members of the family rush to the television to watch dramas..
i decided to plop down on the couch and draw little hiroto. :3

20th-Nov-2007 08:39 pm - FEEDBACK/

comments here are for MY MELODY SALES:
only comment if you've purchased!

*wu zun* :)

Super!: 5
Alright: 0
Mal: 0

**You can find the selling page here: babycakes**

thank you for your purchases! it means a lot! ^__^;

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